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Mögliche Auswirkungen des Brexits auf befristete Arbeitsverhältnisse in Großbritannien und Europa

Beinahe die Hälfte (44%) aller britischen Selbstständigen glauben, dass ihr Geschäft nicht vom Brexit betroffen sein wird. Die Umfrage, für die 1.350 britische Unternehmer befragt wurden, ergab zudem, dass 18% aller Befragten glauben, der Brexit würde sich positiv auf ihr Geschäft auswirken. Andererseits erwarten 38%, dass sich der Brexit negativ auf ihr Geschäft auswirken wird. Zudem gaben 70% der befragten Selbstständigen an, dass sie derzeit nicht an Projekten im übrigen Europa arbeiten oder nicht planen, dies zu tun.

What is an Umbrella Company?

There seems to be some confusion about what an Umbrella Company exactly stands for in the UK and why they are needed. We will try and clear things up for you including the myths surrounding Umbrella Companies and connected UK tax legislations like the notorious IR35.

Irish Tax and USC 2018

It’s that time again, the dreaded 2018 Irish Budget has been announced. No need to fear though, it’s not all doom and gloom! If you are thinking about first time contracting or have been doing it for years, 2018 is looking up for you. The Irish economy has changed vastly since the early 2000’s and…

Ireland: is Contracting for me?

Since the recession, the Irish economy has gone from strength to strength, especially in industries such as; Accountancy, Finance & Banking, IT, Construction and Pharmacy.

What are Knowledge Migrants in The Netherlands?

Real top talents are not only found within the borders of the Netherlands. Specialist knowledge or skills are increasingly acquired from abroad. Knowledge migrants, for example. How does that work exactly? How do you arrange that, and what should you pay attention to?

Top 4 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll

Payrolling has various benefits. It provides significant savings in both time and money. Are you unsure whether payrolling is something for you? We have listed the biggest benefits from having an Outsourced Payroll.

Stay Ahead of the Competition! Attract Knowledge Migrants

In a few years, there will be a worldwide shortage in qualified personnel. Due to demographic developments, the largest part of this shortage will be in Europe. Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium are already experiencing a shortage in healthcare, science and technical professions. It will be a challenge to find enough skilled workers, particularly in the technical and innovative areas. This is why attracting knowledge migrants is important.

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