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How to work in Europe post Brexit

There is no doubt UK nationals will find it harder to work in Europe now the UK has left the EU, with additional paperwork such as a visa applications and fees likely to be involved. Having these restrictions applied could result in fewer contractors working outside the UK. TCP operates in 8 countries across Europe, with partners across the globe. Here we discuss restrictions UK nationals face in the 8 countries we operate, and how they can get a visa to work in Europe.

Newly Approved – Sweden’s economic employer concept as of January 1 2021

After discussions that began in 2017, last month Sweden’s parliament approved the introduction of the Economic Employer Concept in Sweden, and new regulations came in to force on January 1 2021. The new legislation will focus on foreign employers as well as the tax liability of foreign employees operating within Sweden. Previously, Swedish legislation applies…

Zeitarbeit: Ausbeutung oder wirtschaftliche Chance?

Laut der Bundesagentur für Arbeit stieg die Zahl der Leiharbeitnehmer in Deutschland in den letzten Jahren stetig an. Im Jahr 2012 waren in Deutschland über 900.000 Mitarbeiter im Rahmen der Arbeitnehmerüberlassung in Unternehmen eingesetzt. Im Vergleich zu anderen europäischen Ländern verfügt Deutschland über eine überdurchschnittlich hohe Zahl von Leiharbeitnehmern.

5 Reasons to contract in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Contract roles can offer greater flexibility, work/life balance and the opportunity to increase hourly earnings. If you are considering becoming a contractor in the Pharma Sector there are many other aspects of a contracting career that may appeal to you. Higher pay Pay can be a major selling point when it comes to contracting. Due…

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