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The New Workplace Options after COVID-19

As most countries take steps towards lifting the coronavirus lockdowns, we begin to see the new changes that we will need to implement in our daily lives. Until a vaccine or a reliable treatment is found for COVID-19, preventative measures will play a big part in every aspect of our lives including how we navigate the workplace. In this post, we look at the options for the workplace under these new measures.

Germany’s Kurzarbeit program – What you need to know

Lockdown measures were implemented in Germany over two months ago to help contain the spread of Coronavirus, and although Germany is starting to slowly ease restrictions, many Germans will still find themselves out of work for months to come. However, Germany is hoping that a scheme used in the 2008 financial crisis, known as Kurzarbeit, will keep labour markets intact.

Update regarding Danish Visa applications

The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) is still able to process applications for residence permits, however it is not as straight forward as usual. Whether you are a foreign national applying from Denmark, or you are submitting your application from abroad, SIRI will be able to start processing your application, however a…

Six things to consider when switching your business to remote working

COVID-19 has changed the ways that we normally live and work. One of the biggest changes so far has been the increased number of people working from home. Switching a business to remote working has been a great challenge for many. In this post, we provide tips on how businesses can prepare for remote readiness at any time.

5 Job Skills to Succeed During and After a Pandemic

Leadership With many aspects of the working environment changing, social distancing and home working possibly continuing for some time, more people at all levels of an organisation will be in a position to lead others. Employers want you to be able to lead a group if needed, as well as bring out the best and…

How to operate globally during uncertain times

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 is an unprecedented situation we find ourselves in at this time. As a result, our way of life and work has changed very quickly. In this post, we focus on what happens after COVID-19 and how businesses can expand and employ workers globally during uncertain times.

Contractors, a solution for a faster economic recovery

During times of economic difficulty, like the current global Covid-19 crisis, businesses will want to look for ways to navigate the situation and find a solution for an economic recovery as fast as possible. One way to do this is by making use of a flexible workforce, such as contingent workers or contractors. What are…

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