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Working in Norway. What do I need to know?

Norway is a country with a vibrant economy, high quality of life and one of the best social safety nets in the world. In addition, education is of high quality and virtually free. If you want to work in Norway, it is still useful to think about a number of things. Here are the most…

Best of the Year: Our Top 5 Blogs of 2021

This year has been another difficult year for talent procurement professionals, with the effects of COVID-19 still impacting the first half of 2021. To reflect on the hot topics of the last 12 months we take a look back at what were our most popular blogs with our global readers this year.

How Feel Good Managers can foster a positive corporate culture

Feel Good Managers are an integral part of the team and as the name suggests, their objective is to create a great team atmosphere, not only taking care of the employees’ well-being, but they are also trained conflict solvers. While this role is already well known in the U.S., mostly as Chief Happiness Officer or…

Managing a hybrid workforce

As economies begin to reopen again, organisations are making plans to adopt the hybrid workforce model. For some businesses, the future of the workplace will be managing a hybrid workforce – a combination of working from the office and home. In this post, we discuss how leaders can successfully manage a hybrid workforce when they return to the office.

Working in Sweden – What do you need to know?

Sweden has amazing benefits for workers, citizens and foreigners alike. Working in Sweden gives you a generous amount of holiday and a large amount of parental leave. Swedish schools and universities are free for EU citizens and to top it off the Swedes place a huge focus on a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle making it a great place to move to.

How to expand your business into Europe

For companies with ambitions to expand globally, especially those in the US, Europe is a natural first choice given its maturity and large consumer market. However, expanding into Europe isn’t without its challenges, and an expansion can make or break a company’s ability to survive.

Employing a worker in France

Its mature market, diversified industries, and excellent transport links to the rest of Europe are some reasons why businesses are expanding into France. In this post, we provide information on employing a worker in France.

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