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Can employers require staff to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

With many people returning to offices and not all workers having received their COVID-19 vaccine yet, it is not unusual for workers to be worried about their return. According to a survey of 5,000 workers across various sectors, half of UK workers expect their employers to demand vaccine passports before they can return to their…

Contracting in the Aviation Industry

The UK has the third largest aviation sector in the world, behind only China and the US. Air transport represents a small share of GDP, but is closely linked to the activities of other sectors, especially airports and aircraft manufacturing – collectively considered here as the “aviation industry”. The aviation industry is a key enabler of many other economic activities and there are a host of roles for contractors should they want to work in the aviation industry.

27% Rule Denmark

There are many reasons why Denmark is a great place to live and work, and the 27% rule is one of the reasons Denmark attracts highly skilled employees from abroad.

Employing a worker in Panama

Its geographic location, diversified economy, and openness to foreign investments are just some of the reasons why businesses are expanding into Panama. In this post, we provide information on employing a worker in Panama.

How companies can benefit from a compliance officer

First and foremost, a company’s objective is to strive for economic success. While most companies are aware of the importance of compliance and wish to act accordingly, it has become increasingly difficult to implement all regulations. Due to the complexity and lack of a proper definition of compliance, it is now often perceived as a factor that stands in the way of business growth. Compliance regulations are not only complex, but they may even contradict each other or differ locally.

Employing a Worker in Colombia

Its natural resources, central geographical location, and free trade agreements are just some of the reasons why businesses are expanding into Colombia. In this post, we provide information on employing a worker in Colombia.

Working In Germany – What do you need to know?

Europe’s biggest economy is very appealing to people looking to do business. However, lots needs to be arranged for those who want to work in Germany. What are the most important things you need to know?

How to prepare for hybrid working

Since Covid-19 changed our lives in March 2020, many workers across the world have had to adjust to mandatory working from home. As we are now easing out of lockdown companies have had to decide the best way to proceed with the change in working conditions. While there are pros and cons to both office and home work, it seems that many are not ready for a full return to the office just yet.

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