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Employers ramping up UK hiring efforts amid coronavirus lockdown

The UK’s coronavirus lockdown has resulted in some organisations furloughing staff, making redundancies or imposing hiring freezes due to the economic uncertainty. Despite this, there are some companies that are ramping up their hiring efforts. However, with a 40% drop in job vacancies due to lockdown measures, one of the greatest challenges job seekers face is not knowing what job opportunities are available and where to focus their search.

What Companies are hiring staff?

Tech and Pharmaceutical companies are some of those seeing an increase in hiring staff, with businesses such as Microsoft, GlaxoSmithKline and Virgin Media hiring through the pandemic as well as many others.

With a huge proportion of the world currently working remotely, companies that now make remote working possible are increasing staff numbers. Slack, a company that makes corporate chat software, saw job postings jump by 50% in March. Microsoft, another tech company increasing staff numbers throughout the pandemic, has also helped make remote work possible through the use of Microsoft teams. Microsoft Teams increased its number of daily active users to 44 million as of March 18, compared with 32 million on March 11 and 20 million in November.

Phone and internet company Virgin Media is creating 500 new UK contact centre jobs to help keep customers connected during the coronavirus pandemic. New jobs are being created at locations across the country on both permanent and fixed-term basis. Roles will be based in Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester and Teesside.

Employees involved in the food production industry have been included on the governments list of key workers and supermarket chains are hiring thousands of staff to help manage the demand. Discount supermarket Aldi is recruiting 9000 workers as well as Tesco, UK’s biggest supermarket, is seeking 20,000 temporary workers. Tesco, like other UK supermarkets, have implemented safety measures in store such as protective screens at checkout counters and floor markers to help customers queue at a safe distance.

Do your Research

Most people will now have extra time on their hands now they are avoiding their daily commute. This time can be used to research companies. Set up LinkedIn and Google alerts for firms you are interested in and take note of companies that are weathering the storm. If a business can survive through the pandemic they may be a company worth working for. During this time of uncertainty, companies will also be turning to contingent workers and contractors to help bring on staff quickly when needed. Find out here about how contractors are a solution for a faster economic recovery.

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